• Bostavan winery


    Bostavan is part of Bostavan Wineries Group, established in 2003 by businessman Victor Bostan.

  •  Basavin & Co winery

    Basavin & Co

    “Basavin & Co” is situated in the town of Basarabeasca that used to carry the name Romanovka, dedicated to the imperial Russian family Romanov.

  •  Vinaria din Vale winery

    Vinaria din Vale

    Vinaria din Vale & Co has a longstanding presence in the leaders of wine export. When it started pouring its wines it also gained a confident standing among quality dry wines.

  • Rădăcini

    Albastrele Wines

    Albastrele Wines, previously known as Acorex Wine Holding, is a company that has been on the Moldovan wine market since 1994.

  • Asconi winery


    Asconi Winery was founded in 1994 and is a family business. 

  • винзавод Corten-Vin Companie

    Corten Vin

    Предприятие «Corten-Vin Companie» расположено в южной части Молдовы — в с. Кортен Тараклийского района.