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  • 22.06.2018

    Should all wines be decantered?

    Most often red wines are decantered...

  • 05.06.2018

    The ideal temperature for stowing virtually any type of wine

    If you’re planning on stowing wine for a significant amount of time...

  • танины


    Tannins - astringents of tannic acid, which are contained in red wine...

  • Молдова — страна винная

    How not to drink?

    A test about knowledge of wine etiquette made by Invino and

  • красное вино

    Colouristics on-red

    Everyone imagines something different under the "red" ...

  • The right serving temperature of wine

    The right serving temperature of wine

    The correct serving temperature doesn't make the wine better, however it does help it open up to its full potential.