How to drink wine?

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  • The right serving temperature of wine

    The right serving temperature of wine

    The correct serving temperature doesn't make the wine better, however it does help it open up to its full potential. 

  • Cheese and wine

    Cheese and wine is a strange pair

    We offer you a simplified hint about the combination of cheese and wine!

  • moldovan sparkling wines

    How to open Champagne?

    Drinking ice cold or warm champagne means undermining its true flavor.

  • a glass of champagne

    Invino Enoteca Instructions

    Как правильно выбрать вино и шампанское к новогоднему столу.

  • wine bottles in the enoteca

    Debunking myths: "the screw-off cap"

    Debunking myths: "the screw-off cap is a sign of cheap, bad wine."

  • Swirling wine in your glass

    Swirling wine in your glass - for what and why?

    Since a considerable part of enjoying wine lays in its aroma - it's wise to swirl your glass, so that the area of the wine's contact with air becomes greater...