How to drink wine?

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  • wine in glasses

    Let's get it straight - where does wine get its color from?

    Let's get it straight - where does wine get its color from? Almost all grape varieties, the white just as the dark, have a light colored flesh...

  • oak barrels with wine

    How much oak should be in wine?

    A barrel is righteously seen as winemaking tool, and has been used since the Roman times...

  • Wine collection

    Wine collections as investments

    Some prosperous individuals in the West see wine collections as investments, that can bring a greater income than a bank deposit...

  • wine with potential

    What is wine with potential?

    Not every wine is worthy of becoming part of a collection, even a personal one...

  • Wine from late harvest grapes

    Wine from late harvest grapes

    Such wine is typically labeled as Late Harvest. underlining that these wines are special...


  • Moldovan ice-wine

    Ice-Wine topic variations

    "Moldovan ice-wine" doesn't sound too familiar. It's not a traditional product of the national winemaking culture, and not only ours...