Основные методы производства игристых вин

Main methods of sparkling wine production:

• “Grandfather” method (ancestral) – this type of fermentation ends in closed bottles that gather CO2. This method is quite simple since the only fermentation to take place is in the bottle itself.
• The Champagne method is a traditional and classical one. The wine reaches desired ‘playfulness’ during the fermentation of the base wine. This occurs in separate bottles, and later on in the process, the wine is aged with sediment and, in turn, subjected to the careful removal of sediment.
• Reservoir method (Sharmat-Martinotti): this includes repeated fermentation in a large pressurized tank, from which the sparkling wine is filtered and bottled (while the pressure is kept consistent).
• Transfer method: the ‘compromised’ way; through this method the wine ferments and builds up CO2 in separate bottles. There is an additional aging process with sediment, after which the wine is poured into a pressurized tank, where it is filtered through and again poured into separate bottles.