• Molda wines


    In 2011 the engineering company Berhord made the decision to launch its own line of wines under 2 names: Molda and A-Wine.

  •  Minis Terrios winery

    Minis Terrios

    Minis Terrios is a small family winery. It was established by the young couple Dan and Diana Prisecaru in 2013. 

  • moldovan wine


    The territory where the “Mezalimpe” vineyard is situated used to be owned by Baron Dombrov. 

  • Ilie Gogu

    Gogu Winery

    The history of “Gogu Winery” has its roots four generations deep into the Gogu family.

  •  Gitana Winery wines

    Gitana Winery

    “Vinaria Tiganca’s” history began in 1953 when the first winemaking factory was opened in the village of Tiganca.

  •  F'autor wines


    The family company “F’autor” was established during the end of the 20th century in the Tigech micro zone in Southern Moldova.