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  • Спасибо всем за поддержку!

    Enoteca Invino входит в 10% лучших ресторанов мира по версии TripAdvisor! 

  • Thank you, NOVAK Winery!

    Thank you, NOVAK Winery, for the high appraisal of our enoteca and your good wines!

  • Moldavië – Tasting Invino 13/15

    INVINO project: all the best wines of Moldova right in the center of Chisinau...

  • Impressions of a wine amateur

    Impressions of a wine amateur. Proper snack post. 

  • Лучшая "Фетяска Нягрэ": слепая дегустация

    "About how I went to my first blind tasting in Invino and what I learned..." 

  • Daffodil dormant in a silver cup

    "Daffodil dormant in a silver cup is the favorite drink of Shakespeare.."