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  • wine pairings with chocolate

    ChocoWine: 6 wine pairings with chocolate

    “It’s said to be difficult to pair chocolate with wine…”

  • enoteca with its own wine collection in the center of Chisinau

    The only enoteca with its own wine collection

    “June of last year marked the beginning of, in my opinion, a very interesting project – Invino enoteca…”

  • дегустация вин Et Cetera

    Triple tasting of Et Cetera with ShumiLoveDesign

    “Themed wine tastings are becoming ever so popular and the theme of this evening was Et Cetera’s wines..."

  • 2016 results: discoveries of the year

    “We try to catch all of the most important discoveries that occur in our city…”

  • choosing the best moldovan sparkling wine

    City experiment: choosing the best sparkling

    “In light of the approaching holiday rush it’s only appropriate to get to know the sparkling wine secrets better.”

  • article despre blind tasting of Feteasca Nearga wines at enoteca

    Continuing the study of Feteasca Neagra wines

    “Wine bar InVino hosted a blind tasting of Feteasca Nearga wines from different Moldovan winemakers…”