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  • Jeraffe came to Invino

    Jeraffe came to Invino

    "Invino enoteca held a wine tasting in combination with the dishes picked by the chefs of the restaurant Jeraffe ..."

  • Blind tasting of Moldovan “Pinot-Noir”

    Blind tasting of Moldovan “Pinot-Noir”

    "On Friday, October 27th, Invino enoteca hosted a blind tasting of the most esthetic of wines – Pinot-noir...."

  • Feedback on TripAdvisor

    Moldovan Wines Galore

    "On the advice of our English speaking guide Natalia, we visited the INVINO Enoteca wine bar in Chișinău..." 

  • Wine tasting at Invino.

    Wine tasting at Invino. The tastes of Fall.

    “Such evenings are most enticing since you don’t know ahead of time what you’ll like best – for, an enogastronomical pairing is a tiny new discovery of tastes.”

  • Feedback on TripAdvisor

    Great space, great wine

    "I can't come up with a bad word about InVino: it's excellent in every way..." 

  • blind tasting of Sauvignon-blanc wines

    Tastings at Invino: tricky Sauvignons

    “On June 15th Invino hosted a blind tasting of Sauvignon-blanc wines that surprised those who took part.”