Thank you, NOVAK Winery!

Thank you, NOVAK Winery, for the high appraisal of our enoteca and your good wines!

We are always glad to see you!

Friends, let's recall a little about our #novakspot section. After all, new items are new, and you need to know the places where you can find them too! Therefore, we will slowly resume our virtual tour of the points where you can always get wine from Novak Winery and not only.

Today in our heading there is one of the most central and famous places of our capital, the wine bar and the Invino wine bar. Conveniently located a minute's walk from the Great National Assembly Square, this place is familiar to all wine lovers for its wide selection and excellent themed tastings conducted by professional sommeliers. And of course, you can buy wines here, or taste them in combination with a light snack.

So if you are interested in learning more about Moldovan wines, not only in theory, but also in practice, Invino is ideal for your research.

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