Moldavië – Tasting Invino 13/15

INVINO project: all the best wines of Moldova right in the center of Chisinau. INVINO is a place for people who are able to appreciate the individuality and harmonious balance of wines selected with love. The advice of an experienced sommelier allows you to feel the difference between a genuine Enoteca and a franchise dealer. INVINO enoteca was founded by a group of passionate wine lovers who wanted to share their passion with their guests. Enoteca INVINO in the very center of old Chisinau is both a club of true wine connoisseurs and a tourist attraction. The founders seek to draw attention to the thousand-year history of viticulture in Moldova, especially now that viticulture has begun to develop again.

“Wine is definitely a pleasure. It is a complex, vibrant, changing product. It is even more than a product. This is a part of our life. It is as versatile and unpredictable as life itself. Love wine, understand it, and your life will be filled with a new meaning. ” - says Michael Druta, President of the Sommelier Association of Moldova, chef sommelier Enoteca INVINO. Inna Shangina, Enoteca Invino sommelier, adds: “By tasting the wine, you get involved in a special ritual, a sacrament that will help you discover all the nuances of taste, richness of aroma and, possibly, a bit of the soul of the winemaker ...”.

Vinoteka is a collection of impressions of each new taste and aroma: their quality, coherence, intensity and typicality. Invino carefully selects wines from the best wine regions of Moldova, which allowed us to collect a unique collection of wines, which currently has more than 250 types of wines on the shelf with the best price-quality ratio and more than 10,000 bottles stored.

Guided solely by quality, the wines in the collection were selected not by producers, but by variety. On the shelves you will still find monosorted wines and blends, dessert wines, sparkling and sparkling wines (champagne), as well as alcoholic drinks based on Eau-de-Vie grapes. Invino works with wines of all price categories: “everyday” wines of the Select category, wines aged in oak barrels of the Reserve category, which have great potential for long-term storage, and wines of the Premium Reserve category, exceptional wines designed for true connoisseurs and collectors - these wines are vintage and legendary, with their own history.

On the test chart:

Novak 2017 - 12.5% ​​alk.

Valul Lul Traian region

Pleasant fruity aroma, fresh and pleasant aftertaste, very elegant wine

Fumé Blanc 2016 Fautor, region of Valul lul Traian

Total 5,000 bottles produced, straw yellow wine pleasant aroma with shades of white flowers, wine aged in oak barrels a little special taste but very pleasant

Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 - 14.5% alk.

Ripening in oak barrels for 2 years

A complex color texture and yet a wonderful aroma, a rich attack of fruit flavors and subtle shades of cocoa, with a balanced and long pleasant aftertaste.

5 Elemente 2015

Produced at the Equinox winery, a blend of 5 wines: Merlot, Shiraz, Malbec, Rara Neagra and Carmenere. Original label design Pleasant color, pleasant aromas of ripe red fruits with hints of scrub, elegant and balanced tannins

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