Vinum Estate

Vinum Winery is a young brand with deep historical roots.

Vinum is a family-owned company with a long tradition in winemaking. The history of the winery began back in 1806. Knowledge and experience in growing grapes and producing wine were passed from father to son. The modern generation of the family has more than 20 years of experience in winemaking. Vinum is a combination of Moldovan winemaking tradition and knowledge of the most modern world technologies.

Vinum presents exclusive wines produced individually and under strict control in a small production facility in Moldova. Hand-picking grapes and a minimum number of treatments allow us to convey to wine connoisseurs the aroma, taste and freshness that grapes give us. Having absorbed many years of Moldovan winemaking experience and modern Italian technologies, wines are the embodiment of the fertile land, our labor and our soul in a glass.

Vinum Winery wines are presented in Invino at the best prices:

  • 2020 Vinum Riesling
  • 2020 Vinum Feteasca Regala
  • 2020 Vinum Rosé
  • 2016 Vinum Feteasca Neagra
Str,Calea Besarabiei 42/1