Kara Gani

The company “CGL-PRIM” SRL was founded in 2006 by the Cherven family. Owning 10 hectares of fertile grapevines, the Cherven family created its own winery in its very own courtyard; and began producing and selling wine under the brand name “Kara Gani”.

In the Southern Budjac prairies, in the interfluve Dunai and Dnestr, not far from Lake Kagul - the very first vineyard of the Cherven family was planted on 0,5 hectares of land. The grape plantations stretch out from the lower Trajan’s Wall (built in the 3rd century) which passes near the town Vulcanesti.

Today, the winery is located in the yard of the farmstead, where the modern equipment of the German company Sharfenberger processes grapes.

“Kara Gani” wines have repeatedly been named ‘best’ of Gagauz wines at the national competitions “Chotra”, republican “Dionysus’ Cup” and “Golden Barrel”. Connoisseurs and lovers of grape wine from different countries have already added wines from “Kara Gani” into their private collections.

The company’s wines can be found at Invino with the best prices:

  • 2019 KaraGani Chardonnay,Aligote&Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2019 KaraGani Rosé
  • 2017 KaraGani Ciotra Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2018 KaraGani Ciotra Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2018 KaraGani Ciotra Feteasca Neagră
  • 2019 KaraGani Ciotra Feteasca Neagră
  • 2019 Ciotra Cabernet Sauvignon-Feteasca Neagră
  • Altin


Moldova,Krupskaia, 31,Vulcănești
(+373) 691 24 996
 KARA GANI wines