Gitana Winery

“Vinaria Tiganca’s” history began in 1953 when the first winemaking factory was established in the village of Tiganca. This winery was part of the giant “Moldvinprom”. However, the winery turned a new page when it was bought by the Dulger family in 1999.

The family’s credo is to make high quality unique wines. This credo is what pushed them to make serious long-term investments for planting their own vineyards and completely modernizing the winemaking process. Petr and Svetlana Dulger have always paid careful attention to their grapevines, for technologies only allow us to salvage what was created by nature itself. They prefer using wooden tubs for the wine’s fermentation so that the grapes can breathe and become air-enriched.

Gitana’s own vineyards are situated in-between 2 villages in the Leovski region, which are divided into 3 zones. One zone is located in the Filipeni village, whereas the other two are in the Romanovka village. The plantation’s density is around 2 800 – 3 100 seedlings per hectare. Each grape variety grows in the zone that is best suited for that particular variety. All of the previously stated is what allows the winery to make unique aged wines that have won the hearts of Moldovan wine enthusiasts, as well as those outside of the country. It’s all in the company’s motto: “The name begins with quality.”

Gitana Winery’s most interesting selection can be found at appealing prices at Invino Enoteca:

  • 2016 Autograf Chardonnay
  • 2018 Manastirea Rohrbach Cru Riesling
  • 2016 Manastirea Rohrbach Cru Riesling 1,5 l
  • 2016 Autograf Feteasca Regala
  • 2018 Le Petit Sophie
  • 2014 Autograf Cabernet
  • 2018 Gitana Saperavi
  • 2016 Lupi Magnum
  • 2016 Lupi
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