Et Cetera

Et Cetera is a small winery of the Luchianov family. In 2005, immediately after the first harvest and bottling, Et Cetera wines were graded by experts and won a golden medal in a winemaking contest.

By 2009 the modern production facility was established. Et Cetera has achieved unique aromas and tastes that have won over the hearts of wine lovers, and this was done by balancing new technologies with traditional methods. The vineyard territory is 27 hectares in total; with the Black Sea, estuary and Dniester River not too far from the territory. This, in combination with the soil that has soft and warm top layers with cool and humid bottom layers, creates a perfect terroir for winemaking grape varieties. (Cromaz village, Stefan Voda region).

Et Cetera makes wine that reflects the unique character of Moldovan soil.

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  • 2020 Et Cetera Sauvignon Blanc WL
  • 2020 Naughty Girls Fumé Blanc
  • 2014 Et Cetera Chardonnay Barrel Fermented
  • 2015 Et Cetera Chardonnay Premium
  • 2016 Et Cetera Merlot WL
  • 2015 Et Cetera Merlot Premium
  • 2017 Et Cetera Pinot Noir Naughty Boys
  • 2016 Et Cetera Pinot Noir Naughty Boys 1.5 l
  • 2018 Et Cetera Pinot Noir WL
  • 2017 Aeroplane Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2018 Et Cetera Cabernet Franc WL
  • 2019 Et Cetera Feteasca Neagră WL
  • 2017 Et Cetera Saperavi
  • 2020 Et Cetera Albarossa
  • 2016 Et Cetera Aeroplane Cuvee Rouge
  • 2018 Et Cetera Serendipity
  • 2018 Et Cetera Naughty Brothers
  • 2019 Et Cetera Apolinaria Spumant Classic
  • 2019 Et Cetera Spumant
Moldova, Stefan Voda, Krokmaz (winery)
(+373 22) 21 06 69
Et Cetera wines