Domeniile Pripa

Pripa's possessions include 17.5 hectares of hills with a southwestern exposure, part of the Hamza valley. This hill is part of the IGP Stefan Voda locality. Panta with thirst and longing accepted the seedlings of rare and Feteasca vines that had grown on these lands since the 19th century, as well as Merlot, Saperavi, Feteasca Regala and Alba. Directly "uphill" the Dniester flows into the sea through the estuary. Air currents and terrain mild microclimate.

The slope with a slope of 8% protects the vine from the scorching sun, strong winds, frost. Here the grapes ripen evenly and carry the aroma of the place. The rocks and clay of the earth create labyrinths for the roots, truly nourishing the grapes. Only grapes grown in Pripa Domains are used for the production of wine. The wines are aged exclusively in Moldovan oak barrels, barrels made by three bumblebee brothers in at least 3 generations, originating from the village of Ulmu. Since 2016, the first experimental wine has been produced in numbered bottles. Fruit 2016 Saperavi - 84 bottles, Fetească Neagră - 480 bottles, Rară Neagră - 270 bottles. Each of them contains a 100% reliable result.

The company’s wines can be found at Invino with the best prices:

  • 2018 Pripa Feteasca Regală
  • 2017 Pripa Feteasca Neagră
  • 2017 Pripa Rara Neagră
  • 2017 Pripa Saperavi


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