Chateau Purcari

The Chateau Purcari company was created in 2003 on the Purcari plant base. Purcari is a micro zone in the southeast of Moldova with unique climatic conditions.

The winemaker’s history of this small wine region began in the 19th century. The first Purcari wine appeared in 1827. The recipe was lost in the years of WWI. However, in the 50’s of the 20th century the classical winemaking traditions were restored, beginning a new era of the Purcari history.

The company has 250 hectares of vineyards, predominantly consisting of the varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Rara Neagră, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Saperavi.

The winery’s homestead situates a hotel complex right above the cellar galleries (which have stored a wine collection since 1947).

By taking an excursion at Purcari you can get to know the entire production process of elite wines. Here you can feel the connection of history and tradition, which are the foundational qualities of Chateau Purcari wines. 

Their most famous wines are Negru de Purcari and Roșu de Purcari.

Invino enoteca presents the entire Chateau Purcari wine selection at appealing prices:

  • 2018 Sauvignon de Purcari
  • 2019 Sauvignon de Purcari
  • 2019 Chardonnay de Purcari
  • 2019 Pinot Grigio de Purcari
  • 2019 Traminer de Purcari
  • 2019 Viorica de Purcari
  • 2014 “Vinohora” Feteasca Albă-Chardonnay
  • 2013 Alb de Purcari
  • 2013 Alb de Purcari Magnum
  • 2019 Rose de Purcari
  • 2019 “Vinohora” Rose Feteasca Neagră-Montepulciano
  • 2017 Merlot de Purcari
  • 2018 Pinot Noir De Purcari
  • 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon de Purcari
  • 2018 Rara Neagră de Purcari
  • 2018 Malbec de Purcari
  • 2015 Maluri de Prut
  • 2012 Roșu de Purcari
  • 2017 Negru de Purcari
  • 2016 Negru de Purcari Magnum
  • 2017 Negru de Purcari Vintage
  • 2014 “Vinohora” Rara Neagră-Malbec
  • 2019 Freedom Blend
  • Cuvee de Purcari Rosé
  • Cuvee de Purcari Extra Brut
  • Cuvee de Purcari Brut
  • Cuvee de Purcari Feteasca Albă
  • Grande Cuvee de Purcari
  • 2014 Premium Ice Wine
Moldova, Chisinau, Calea Iesilor Str. 10B
(+373 22) 85 60 22
Purcari wines