Chateau Cristi

Vladimir Cristi is connected to a line of important political events and visionary governmental decisions.His name is also written with the golden letters into the book of Moldovan winemaking history.Being an important political and social person of his time, Chisinau city mayor, true patriot of his country and a gifted winemaker, he has passed on though generations a tradition of making the great wines, which are glorified all over the world nowadays.Since 2015, the winery with centuries-old traditions – Chateau Cristi – revives the winemaking recipes of the genius Cristi family.

The legendary blend Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot – Malbec was revived, which rightfully deserved the name “royal”.Chateau vineyards are located in the south of Moldova, in the famous area of Troyan Val. The grapes growing in this fertile zone are famous for their selected bouquet and give the wine aromas of flowers and dried fruits, rich color and magnificent taste.

Already two years, the revived winery Chateau Cristi pleases connoisseurs of quality wine with selective products.

The company’s wines can be found at Invino with the best prices:

  • 2017 Chateau Cristi Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2017 Cristi Chardonnay Barrel Fermented
  • 2018 Cristi Chardonnay Barrel Fermented
  • 2016 Chateau Cristi Merlot
  • 2017 Chateau Cristi Pinot Noir
  • 2016 Chateau Cristi Cabernet Old Vine
  • 2017 Bravoure Cabernet-Merlot
  • 2016 Chateau Cristi Cuvee Rouge Royal
  • 2017 Bravoure Cabernet-Shiraz-Feteasca Neagra
Chisinau ,Maria Cebotari str., 6
+373 673 99110