Castel Mimi

“Castel Mimi” is an iconic winemaker for Moldova with a rich history. Constantin Mimi is a pioneer-innovator, an emblematic figure in the world of winemaking, a prominent public activist, and the last governor of Bessarabia. He managed to build the first chateau palace in Moldova, where he began to make exquisite wines. He raised the winemaking standard for the rest of the country’s wineries. Among these and other achievements, the fact that the Aligote variety has begun to live here and is loved by many wine enthusiasts of Moldova is due to the Mimi family as well.

Presently, the Mimi Palace is one of the most important touristic sightseeing attractions of the country. The palace is also seen as an outstanding architectural landmark in the wine world. The quality of Mimi’s wines has been awarded both gold and silver medals at a multitude of national and international competitions. In 2010 the winery was completely reconstructed in the technological sense and was equipped with the latest technologies. There are no analogous wineries in Moldova.

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  • 2015 MiMi Pinot Gris
  • 2017 MiMi Feteasca Albă
  • 2018 MiMi Feteasca Albă
  • 2015 MiMi Merlot
  • 2012 MiMi Reserve Merlot
  • 2015 MiMi Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2012 MiMi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2015 MiMi Malbec
  • 2014 Roșu de Bulboaca
  • 2017 MiMi Feteasca Neagră-Rara Neagră
  • 2015 MiMi Premium Ice Wine
Moldova, str.Dacia, 1, Bulboaca
(+373) 620 01 893
 Castel Mimi wines