Wine locations of Chisinau

Dear friends, we are continuing our story about the wine locations of Chisinau.

And today we are in the very center of the city, on the 41 Banulescu-Bodoni Street in the Invino enoteca. Enoteca has existed since 2016, and has already won the love of wine lovers.

What is the specialty of this establishment? The enoteca sommelier Anna Grechikhina told us about this:

"Enoteca INVINO is the very first fine wine collection of quality Moldovan wines, delicately chosen by a professional sommelier. There are over 250 items on the shop shelves and over 10 000 bottles laid in storage.Thanks to this, here you will find, among other things, rare and exclusive wines.

Every day you can order an express tasting or a classic one, paint with wine, and also regularly hold events and interesting tastings with winemakers, wine and gastronomic evenings. Here you can buy wine accessories, glasses, decanters, gift certificates and sets. And, of course, experienced sommeliers are always at your service, and besides that, a pleasant atmosphere, virtual wine tours, recommendations. "

 The enoteca is open daily from 11.00 to 21.00. In the video you will find congratulations from the enoteca sommelier Inna Shangina.

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