Novak News

NOVAK Winery is located in the Tartaul village of the Cantemir region, all within the winemaking region of Valul lui Traian. Even though Novak wines have entered the market relatively recently, they have already achieved an envious popularity. This is primarily due to their white wine made from the hybrid Moldovan variety Alb de Oniţcani, but not only.

Saturday, Jan. 9, at 17:00, Invino enoteca invites those who wish – to take part in a unique chance of meeting the enthusiastic winemaker Andrey Novak. He will personally be presenting Novak Winery’s authentic line of wines, including:
• 2018 500 Alb de Onițcani
• 2019 Rara Neagra
• 2018 Pinot Noir
• 2018 Red Blend № 1
• 2017 Saperavi

The presentation will be led by Invino’s sommelier Inna Shangina, as well as the winery’s owner – Andrey Novak.

The price is 300 MDL. Appetizers are included. Seat reservation at 022-909-944, 078-946-718. The number of seats is limited, so think fast!