Saturday, June 5th at 18:00 Invino’s partner Gastrobar will present their new culinary masterworks from GastroVeranda while we will choose enogastronomical pairings from this season’s new hits.

The brand chef Vitalii Voroncihin and Invino enoteca’s sommelier Inna Shangina have prepared a refined program:
• focaccia gorgonzola with truffle honey + 2020 Novak Floricica
• mussels with wine cream souce + 2019 Traminer de Purcari
• fried gobies Odessa style + 2019 Chateau Vartely Individo Blanc de Rara Neagra
• grilled camembert + Mied Efervescent
• meringue with tiramisu cream + 2017 Fautor Sauvignon Late Harvest

The price is 400 MDL. Seat reservation at 022-909-944, 078-946-718. The number of seats is limited – so think fast!