This past year has been one of wonders when it comes to wine masterpieces and surprises. The time has come to conclude the year.

Sunday, Dec. 18 at 18:00 Invino enoteca is hosting a gala-marathon – a tasting of the best “newbies of 2022” (according to our sommeliers!). The program consists of 10 wines - the newcomers as well as successful vintages, new labels from popular wineries, new wineries just as new grape varietals, plus unique blends! All of the previously listed items have two things in common - they all appeared on the market in 2022 and were named “discoveries of the year” by Invino’s sommeliers.

Your holiday presentation will be led by Invino’s chief-sommelier Mihai Druta.

The price is 600 MDL. Exclusive appetizers are included. Seat reservation at 022-909-944, 079-830-988. The number of seats is limited - so think fast!