A unique experience from Fautor Winery

For those who want to discover Fautor Winery wines, we have prepared a unique experience:⠀we invite you to the Invino wine bar until  31.12.20  where you have the opportunity to make an unforgettable journey in the world of Fautor Winery wines.⠀

Explorer Tasting Set includes tasting 4 unique Fautor Winery wines in association with a plate of goodies  for only 145.00 lei:⠀

  • Fumé Blanc ⠀
  • Vivienne Cuvée ⠀
  • Aurore Rara Neagră ⠀
  • Aurore Syrah – Cabernet Sauvignon ⠀

And, for your experience to continue, take advantage of the  15% discount on the purchase of Fautor Winery wines!⠀
We are waiting for you at Invino!