The gift of good wine

Gifting good wine means giving a textbook definition of wine that is known to the majority of wine lovers. Then again, gifting “the best wine” means giving wine that suits the one it is the one who is intended to drink it. 
In order to receive instant gratitude for one’s gift it is paramount that one chooses wines that make a statement and need no introduction or explanation. One can choose to make a statement either by the year of harvest, the bottle’s size (from the more popular 1.5 L “Magnums” to 6 L “Methuselahs” or even the immense 15 L “Nebuchadnezzar” bottle), as well as the bottle’s design. 
If buying a gift is urgent and you have no way of informing yourself of the recipient’s tastes, then you can never go wrong with a dry red wine.